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Great travel itineraries revealed by Michel Piccaya, travel photographer.

Road trip in Latin America, Buenos Aires to Bogota via Venezuela

A journey of 25.000 km in 50 destinations

Explore 8 countries and over 50 famous travel destinations in South America. A fantastic journey starting in Buenos Aires and ending in Bogota. Practical up-to-date step by step Free Travel Guides about each destination across Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil & Venezuela.

Road trip in Central America and the Caribbean Coast.

A journey of 2.750 km in 15 destinations

Explore the 15 best travel destinations in Central and on the Caribbean Coast. Travel from the beautiful Pacific Coast of Costa Rica to the idyllic Caribbean Coast of Colombia, through the cloud forests, Boca del Toro Islands, the San Blas Islands in Panama, Cartagena and visit the desert of La Guajira.

Road trip in the Himalayas, Shanghai to Kathmandu.

A journey of 5.300 km in 7 destinations

The best way to travel from China to Nepal through Tibet and explore the best of the Himalayas in one road trip. This journey will bring you into the contrast of our contemporary world. From the vibrant and crazy city of Shanghai to the roof of the world. A 6000 km road trip from the busy Shanghai to the peaceful Kathmandu.

Road trip in Western Namibia.

A journey of 5.000 km in 14 destinations

Explore the best of Namibia.The classic Namibian experience includes a sunrise on top of the world’s highest dunes at Sossusvlei; camping in the untouched Koakoland and meet the Himbas; a wildlife safari watching lion and huge herds of antelopes – and spend an evening observing a wild black rhino by moonlight in Etosha National Park.

Road trip on the Garden Road & the Wild Coast in South Africa

A journey of 2.400 km in 7 destinations

Explore the best of South Africa. Travel from Cape Town on to the Garden Road along the Indian Ocean, see the elephants of Addo National Park, explore the coastal forests and the sandy beaches of the wild coast, make a stop over in the sleepy city of Bloemfontein and finish in Johannesburg. Download Free Travel Guides of the itinerary.

Road trip in Morocco, the road to the Sahara.

A journey of 3.400 km in 15 destinations

Drive through Morocco from North to South and explore on your own this incredible country. With its rich musical and artistic legacy, breathtaking scenery and maze-like markets, shifting sands and crumbling casbahs, it is no wonder that the country of Morocco is one of the most wanted destinations in Africa. Download Free Travel Guides of the itinerary.

Road trip in Greece and the Aegean islands

A journey of 1.200 km in 4 destinations

The beautiful and exotic Greek islands droves millions of tourists every year, making them one of the world’s top travel destinations. However, with hundreds of islands to choose from, planning a trip can be a bit of a dilemma. This itinerary is a very good choice as it includes a bit of Culture and History in Crete, the beauty of the architecture in Santorini and the relax, beautiful and exotic Folegandros.

Road trip in Western USA

A journey of 4.000 km in 9 destinations

Drive through Western USA, a fantastic journey to understand and live the real American culture, travel the states of California, Nevada and Utah. Enjoy L.A. and the Hollywood Movies industry, watch the final of the America’s Cup in San Francisco, live the Burning Man Festival once in your life, don’t miss the rod hots near Salt Lakes City, explore some of the greatest national parks in the US and finish your road trip in the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas.

Road trip in Eastern Europe

A journey of 3.700 km in 9 destinations

Go back in time with this interesting road trip on the traces of the socialism and communism movements, which took place in Eastern Europe late fifths. Travel 3700 km and visit the big cities like Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Kiev and Warsaw and take the train from Crimea, on the Black sea to Gdansk, birthplace of Solidarnosc labor movement and swim the Baltic sea.

Road trip in Cuba

A journey of 2.000 km in 6 destinations

Organize your own 2000 km road trip across the major historical landmarks and best scenic destinations in Cuba. A fabulous journey in time to do before the US American invasion.

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