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Lake Maracaibo Travel Guide

Lake Maracaibo is a large brackish bay in Venezuela. It is connected to the Gulf of Venezuela by Tablazo Strait (55 km) at the northern end, and fed by numerous rivers, the largest being the Catatumbo. The weather phenomenon known as the Catatumbo lightning at Lake Maracaibo regularly produces more lightning than any other place […]

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Morrocoy Travel Guide

In the Falcon state, at the northwest of Venezuela, between the villages of Tucacas and Chichiriviche, is located Morrocoy National Park. There’s plenty to see in Morrocoy Coral Reef Islands are: Cayo Sal, Cayo Muerto, Cayo Peraza,Cayo Pelon which recently disappeared, Varadero …

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Guatapé Travel Guide

Guatapé is a small, very pretty lakeside town in Eastern Antioquia, about 1.5 hours from Medellín, Colombia. The picturesque town of Guatapé is known as the Pueblo de Zócalos, named for the beautifully sculpted and painted depictions of village life that adorn the lower half of most buildings in the town center.

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Punta Sal Travel Guide

Punta Sal is a small beach resort located in the department of Tumbes, in northern Peru. Due to its location near the warm current of El Niño and the cold Humboldt Current which collide in this area, Punta Sal benefits from year round sunshine.

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Colonia Del Sacramento Travel Guide

Colonia Del Sacramento is the oldest town in Uruguay with colonial architecture and world heritage of UNESCO. The old city of Colonia, which holds the main attractions, is quite small. It can be easily walked in a single day.

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Palomino Travel Guide

Palomino is a town with a special character. The town itself is mainly a collection of houses near the main road. Here is where you can find the shops, bakeries, drugstores and restaurants in town. The real beauties of Palomino are the beaches, rivers and mountains. During your stay in Palomino, you may encounter indigenous […]

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