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Salta Travel Guide

Between the peaks, arid and subtropical valleys, Salta is known as “la linda” which is certainly the most colonial city Argentina and most Andean. Discover the mild climate, the warmth of los salteños and the Calchaquí valleys.

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San Juan Travel Guide

San juan, a modern city with wide streets and well drawn avenues with wide sidewalks and vegetation of different species of trees irrigated by canals, from which it derives its nickname oasis town. Don’t miss the Difunta Correa pilgrimage.

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Mendoza Travel Guide

Mendoza is the center of the Argentinian wine industry, for which it is world renowned. Mendoza is also near the Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas (6962 m).

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Cartagena Travel Guide

Cartagena is a city in Bolivar, Colombia. The city was the first Spanish colony on the American continent and one of the first sanctuaries of freed African slaves in the Americas. It is currently populated by an ethnic mix representative of Colombia’s own variety. Cartagena, located on Colombia’s northern coast and facing the Caribbean Sea, […]

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