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Salta is known as "la linda" which is certainly the most colonial city Argentina and most Andean.

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All the info to prepare your trip to Salta. How to get in, maps, activities to do,...
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Between the peaks, arid and subtropical valleys, travelling to the Northwest is also a first meeting with the pre-Columbian history of Argentina. Salta is known as “la linda” which is certainly the most colonial city Argentina and most Andean. The mild climate and the warmth of los salteños, the contrasting landscapes of the Calchaquí valleys will leave you speechless.

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Plane: the airport is 5 km south of the city centre. Bus “8A” runs between the airport and the bus terminal, the bus stop to get on is 500m from the terminal entrance on the main road. The Aerolíneas Argentinas office is located at Caseros 475, tel. (0387) 431 0258. There are taxis and remises that will cost a minimum of 450000 pesos to the city centre.

Bus: there are connections to all major cities in Argentina. The bus station is just one block from Parque San Martín, or 8 blocks from the main plaza. A taxi to the main tourist office in Buenos Aires calle (street) will cost 5 pesos. Agree on the price before leaving the bus terminal and get the meter docket from the driver. The is luggage storage at the bus station. (aprox 20 pesos per bag)

  • Buenos Aires around 20 hours – 1342 pesos (cama)(Mar 2015)
  • Puerto Iguazú 24 hours, 900 pesos (cama FlechaBus May 2014, +30% from the price of 2012)
  • La Quiaca 7 hours – 150 pesos (company: Balut (6 each day)
  • Tucuman 4 hours – 120 pesos (FlechaBus, Feb 2012)
  • Cafayate 4 hours – 86 pesos (Companies: El Indio / Flecha) (Dec 2013)
  • Cordoba 13 hours – 188/202 pesos (semi-cama/cama) bought in February. Jan 2012 – Semi Cama 350 pesos (13 hours) Andesmar.
  • Formosa 13 hours advertised but took 16 hours The FlechaBus is semi cama (sleep in aircraft cattle class seats) 181 pesos at october 09. The bus stops at every town along the road. You will receive a packet of two buscuits on departure and unless you know the system you will not get a chance to buy food on the trip so buy something before boarding the bus. There is a toilet on board and is reasonably clean for the whole journey. The bus departs Formosa at 5.10pm daily
  • Mendoza 18 hours – 670/770 pesos (semi-cama/cama, Mar 2012)
  • Jujuy 2 hours – 50 pesos (Nov 2013)
  • Cachi 4.5 hours – 67 pesos (Nov 2013)
  • From Jujuy it’s possible to take a combi (shared taxi) for Ar$10. – Take Care “Combis” are not legal transportation.

Buses also arrive from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile leaving 9:30am in San Pedro and arriving at around 8:30pm in Salta – around 10 hours including the time taken to cross the border – 28,000 to 35,000 chilean pesos (Pullman Bus, Andes Mar, Jan 2014).

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Get around

Taxi: fare around town costs 5 pesos. Remises are not cheaper.
Buses cost 3.25 Pesos and you need to buy a special card or have exact change in coins.

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  • Cabildo, the old town hall, of 1783, on the Plaza 9 de Julio. Now houses the Museo Histórico del Norte
  • MAAM museum, Mitre 77 (Plaza 9 de Julio), ☎ +54 387 437 0499 ( Tu-Su and holidays 11AM-7:30PM. The Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña exhibits the discovery of the three incas “Llullaillaco Children” found frozen at the peak of Mount Llullaillaco. They are some of the best preserved mummies in the world and look scarily life like. 40 pesos (10 pesos international student card holder ISIC).
  • Iglesia San Francisco, on the corner of Caseros and Córdoba, of 1796, beautiful church with remarkable tower.
  • Cerro San Bernardo, 1458 m hill just east of the city centre. From Parque San Martin, a cable car ($35 pesos per person one way, $70 pesos return, as of May 2014) goes to the summit, 430 metres up the hill overlooking the city, offering spectacular views of the city and its surroundings. Taking 1070 steps up the hill (leaving from the statue of Güemes a little bit north of the cable car station) is another option (about 30 mins). A vast water feature has been built with many interesting features. A meal or a beer is available at the top at reasonable rates. A good way to fill in a couple of hours when it is clear.
  • Museo Antropológico, Avenida Ejército del Norte. Offers a very interesting insight into various indigenous cultures, which have flourished throughout the centuries in this part of Argentina
  • Pajcha, 20 de Febrero 831 (10 blocks north of the main plaza.), ☎ +54 387 422 9417, [3]. A fantastic museum in Salta and definitely worth a look.It is called “Pajcha” and is a collection of traditional art, textiles, icons and jewlery from all over South and Central America. It is facinating. For only 10 pesos you get entry to the private museum and for an additional 15 pesos you get a personalised guided tour from one of the directors. The enthusiasm is palpable and fantastic learning from a knowledgeable source. They know everything because they had personally collected everything in the museum. tours also English. 10 pesos.
  • Tren a las Nubes, Train to the clouds. As the name tells, it is a day trip by train up in the mountains to La Povorilla at 4220 meters over the sea level. Currently (Nov 2014) the service has been taken over by the argentine government. It runs from April to November, one time a week (Saturday) with extra services during the high season (Easter & winter holiday). Cost US$120 (US$140 high season). Bookings cant be made online anymore and very likely your only option will be to check with a city excursion office. The trip takes a whole day, leaving Salta at 7:00am and returning between 11.00pm and midnight. The dining car on the train and the bar car are a bit expensive but you are allowed to bring your own food. A breakfast and afternoon snack is included. Coca leaf tea helps prevent altitude sickness and coca leaves are provided by the train staff. There are nurses on board and oxygen for those who suffer ill effects from the altitude. The trip is long and the seats are somewhat cramped for leg space but generally the services and staff are excellent. The experience is fantastic as the scenery is rugged and variable with a feast for the eyes at every turn. The engineering of the track was a masterpiece in its day.
  • Museo El Tribuno Guillermo Pajerrito Velarde, Pueyrredon 106, ☎ 54 387 421-2921 ( mo-fr 10am-2pm,3pm-6pm, sa 10am-2pm. Wonderfull small house-museum that is a tribute to Velarde (1895-1965), who was a lawyer and banker, but more important a bohemian patron of arts, especially tango, when it was still not accepted by society in Salta. The guide does a great job of presenting the colorful tales. She only speak spanish, but if you do not understand spanish, she will just ask one of the other guest to translate to english. ARS 5.
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  • Horse Riding: It can last from a couple of hours to several days. There are several options which include snacks, accommodation in country houses or camps, and typical foods. This service was created to show you the real “Gaucho” life.
  • Paragliding (DANGER!): This is an activity with great popularity among tourists, especially in mountainous regions all over the world.Two people have been killed while paragliding in the last two years in the north of Argentina so don’t trust the supposed experts ! Tandem jumps (double harness) which are illegal are still offered by a company “Amontibar” who are responsible for killing David Mather (28) from the UK in 2008 and are still operating.
  • Cycling: Bicycle rides around the city or through a mountain track, perfectly designed for adventurers. This activity includes several options with three degrees of difficulty (low, moderate, high) specially programmed to meet your expectations.
  • Motorcycling: Motorcycle rides with several options according to each particular need, always in the company of a qualified guide for each ride. It is an international high-quality product that brings together two passions: motorcycling and sightseeing.
  • Trekking: There are several options: short strolls around our bordering mountains or several days in the region, with different degrees of difficulty. It is a perfect way of being in touch with nature and living each moment as a unique experience.
  • Mountain climbing: The region offers a great variety of mountains and volcanoes of between 3500 and 6740 m.a.s.l (meters above sea level). This expeditions require previous experience, equipment and special logistics.
    Thus, previous planning and preparation are needed, according to each mountain.
Some options are:
  • Medium Mountain: Gólgota Hill of 3500 m.a.s.l, Pacuy Hill of 4200 m.a.s.l., San Gerónimo Crater of 4950 m.a.s.l.
  • High Mountain: Nevado de Cachi of 6380 m.a.s.l., Llullaillaco Volcano of 6740 m.a.s.l., Quewar Volcano of 6180 m.a.s.l., Socompa Volcano of 6031 m.a.s.l., Tuzale Volcano of 5560 m.a.s.l, Nevado del Acay of 5950 m.a.s.l.
  • Rafting: Any person can take part in this two-hour activity along the impressive Juramento River. Uncontrollable emotions, an excellent barbecue and a personal attention will make this trip something to remember.
  • Canopy: New in Salta! “The Flight of the Condor” is a name suitable for the incredible experience of flying over the Juramento River.
  • Rappel: Falls from up to 60 meters with equipment and guides included. This experience will make you feel alive and exceeding your own limits.
  • Fishing: There are several options: fishing trout in a quiet mountain stream, “Pejerreyes” in the huge Cabra Corral Dam, Dorado or Surubí in the fast-flowing Bemejo or Pilcomayo Rivers.
  • San Lorenzo, (Bus 7E). This is a charming town approx 20 minutes outside Salta. It has lots of accommodation, restaurants and its own attractions. Well worth a look if you only have a day, or even better, stay there and enjoy the wonderful hospitality only a small town can offer. 1.25 peso.


There are several travel agencies that can help you with your trip. They are located about 4 to 5 blocks south of the main square, around Buenos Aires road. Tours usually last all day from 7 am to 7-9pm and stop at a restaurant for lunch. They cost ARS 125-200 with discounts for two or three day combinations.

Spirit of South America – Since 2008 creating private bespoke tours with fully bi-lingual English guides through the NW Argentina area and onward to Mendoza and Chile – Specialty wine and professional photography tours. Request a quote for bespoke private tour + Book group day tours online at

Turismo de La Posada, Buenos Aires 94, (0387) 4216544-4329686


• Mystical Cachi:

This tour begins in the Lerma Valley, goes through the dense mountain jungle in Los Laureles and reach the Escoipe Gorge and La Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop’s Slope), which is a mountain path that leads to Piedra del Molino, at 3348m. Then Los Cardones National Park, picturesque town of Cachi with Archaeological Museum

• Cafayate Colors:

Lerma Valley (where Saltenian Tobacco is grown), “Alemanía” train station, Las Conchas Gorge which has several geological formations created by wind and rain erosion and which received different names such as La Garganta del Diablo (The Devil’s Throat), El Anfiteatro (The Amphitheatre), El Sapo (The Frog), El Fraile (The Friar), Los Castillos (The Castles), Las Ventanas (The Windows). includes wine tasting.

• Puna and Salt Flats:

Traditional town of Quijano, the impressive Toro Gorge, pre-Incan city of Tastil, San Antonio de los Cobres, a small mining town. Then along the famous 40 national route to the Salt Flats and Puna, impressive Lipan Slope, picturesque Purmamarca town (Province of Jujuy), with its famous Seven Colour Hill.

• Andean Humahuaca:

The wonders of the Humahuaca Gorge, in the Province of Jujuy, which was declared Humanity’s Patrimony. Small towns such as Purmamarca, with distinctive architecture and the Seven Colour Hill, Tilcara, El Pucará (Pre-Incan city) and the Archaeological Museum, Uquía, well-known for its Church with paintings from the Cuzco School.

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• Balcarce Arts and Crafts Fair, Each Sunday the main nightclubbing street, Balcarce, is closed to traffic all day long for a very good arts and crafts fair featuring the work of local artists and craftsmen of all types.

• El Rincon del Carpincho, Alvarado 556. is a very small craft shop a little away from the main tourist area but the prices are significantly lower than the prices you will pay around the main square of 9 de july. Hand crafted leather and knives as well as leather goods

• Objetos de agrado, 265, Caseros ST. (2 blocks from main square), ☎ (+54 387) 4214667. 9am to 1pm & 6pm to 10 pm. A designer boutique, perfect example of the successful formula of design + traditional handicrafts! A stunning design shop distinctive from all the other shops in town. Best prices and great aneregy from their owners. English & French spoken.

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  • Patio de la empanada, Av. San Martin esquina Esteco

If you want to try the real Salta go there and try the empanadas and the humitas (like mashed corn). The week end you can see the saltenos eat in family with groups of music playing. It’s really nice.

  • El Buen Gusto Empanadas, Go very local with this hidden gem for empanadas. A very traditional small, simple restaurant, that offers one of the best empanadas in Salta. You should call in advance to order the food (before 9:00 PM) since they cook limited number of empanadas. O’Higgins street 575, tel: 0387-4214861.
  • Doña Lola, Traditional Salteñan food in a very nicely restored old house which also contains a small museum of local artifacts.
  • El Solar del Convento, Half a block east of the main square, Caseros 444. Serve free champange while you choose from the menu. Inexpensive yet elegant dining with excellent steaks and wines. (27 Dec 2010: champagne not free, $8 pesos each)
  • Dana Salta. Cordoba 46. A short 2 minute walk from the 9 de July square. The meat and wine were top shelf and it was 144 pesos for two which included a bottle of Don David malbec and a steak you could not get through and empanadas as a starter. Service was excelent. Ambience was very good having a very Spanish flavour.
  • Viejo Jack, Avenida Virrey Toledo 145. 422 3911. Incredible food, low prices, and friendly service. Portions are huge–main (meat) courses are designed to shared. Try the picana, you won’t be sorry.
  • El Palacio De La Pizza, 117 Caseros. The cheesy sign above the entrance should come down, this place is well above the standard of that nasty sign. The only thing missing is the view of rolling greens hills from the windows, as you are served this wonderful Argentinian food. Two flavorful Saltinian Empanada’s, a litre of Salta’s finest beer, a basket full of fresh bread, Tin full of Olive oil, a slightly overdone veal steak, gorgeous green salad….47 Argentine dollars. Fabuloso…
  • La Céfira, 481 Cordoba. They serve very nice pastas and sauces. Good value for the price.
  • Luna Verde, eco 117 – Paseo de los Poetas, ☎ +54-387-4311174. You find the real ambience of Europe in this restaurant – although the food is a bit hit and miss, the paintings, art deco artworks, piano, Mondrian inspired chairs and indigenous designs on the tables and walls make this a place to sit, relax, write in the diary and contemplate a latin life! Also nice to sit on the pedestrian street with a beer talking to the poets that come by for a muse. The empanadas and freshly baked bread, homemade gnocchi is also a treat.
  • Los Cardones Salta, Gral. Guemes 628 (2 blocks north of the main plaza), ☎ 4220329. Great little Bolivian style restaurant – very tasty and reasonably priced food, and great hospitality of Milton the Chef.
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Nightlife is centered on the north end of Balcarce street, in the train station zone. The local beer “Salta” is comparable in quality to other Argentine beers and is similarly priced. A 1 litre bottle at a restraurant on the main square (9 de July) will set you back 13 to 15 pesos and you will get a small serve of chips and or peanuts.

A bottle of local whisky at a supermarket will cost about 25 pesos and is equal to reasonable scotch whisky. All Scotch whisky is cheap at the supermercado.

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  • Hotel Florida, Urquiza 718, between Florida and 20 de Febrero. Located down the block from the central market and four blocks from the central square. Tel: (0387) 421 2133. One of the best values in town. Speedy WiFi (only reaches to the 2nd floor), friendly staff, strong hot showers. Many rooms have balconies, all have cable TV. Breakfast is simple and small, but brought to the room. Singles from 210 Pesos.
  • Hotel Exxes (, Calle Catamarca 481. Decent location, noisy but clean rooms, poorly equipped kitchen, over-loud television, unwelcoming staff who treat the place like their own social club, limited breakfast included with strict portion control and dreadful coffee, 10am check out time. Near the park and supermarket. Good fiambres shop nearby, cheap but not so cheerful. Staff attitude improves on checkout, momentarily before they urge you to positively review them on Hostelworld.
  • Hostel Siete Duendes, San Juán 189, (54-387) 4214522. 70 ARS per night per person (updated on dec 2013), nice and helpful staff with free internet and a basic breakfast. Cosy backgarden and a friendly atmosphere will welcome you right next to Parque San Martín, close to the center and the bus terminal.
  • Hotel Colonial, Zuviria 6, (54-387) 4310805 / 4211740. Double: 290 pesos. Located at the heart of the city, in front of “9 de Julio” square, is one of Salta’s most traditional hotels. The best option for travellers looking for a pleasant stay in the best location of the city at a good price. Breakfast and Wi-Fi access included.
  • Terra Oculta, Córdoba 361, (0387)421 8769 ( Popular backpackers spot and a good place to meet fellow travellers. It has all the usually services and there is a weekly barbeque and a bar. Wifi and a computer for Internet. Small breakfast included.Dorm Ar$45 / Double Ar$100 (Dec 2010).
  • Corre caminos dormis available. kitchen, free pool table, nice people around.
  • Marilian Hostal. Buenos Aires 160 (A4400FDD). Tel. 54-387-4370531. Email: As of July, 2004, prices were: Single $55 pesos, Double $65 pesos, Triple $85, Quad $105 pesos. Clean hostal, on the main drag (Buenos Aires street), 24hr hot water, heating, 18 cabanas, English spoken, and continental breakfast is included in the price.
  • Las Rejas B&B. General Güemes 569. Tel.(54-387)421-5971 ( Very central, 2 blocks from the main square and the cathedral. Offers hostel accommodation as well as B&B. Very friendly, many amenities including travel desk. Free internet and much more.
    BackPackers Home. Buenos Aires 930. A Few blocks from main square. Old Dorms. Big, but Old Quitchen. Free Internet. Very Friendly Staff. BBQ Wednesday and Saturdays.

  • Los Cardones Youth Hostel Avda. Entre Rios 454, 4400 Salta, Email: Nice Hostel run by its owners, situated in the heart of Salta and by the entertainment zone. Prices as of June 2007, Dorm: $17 Pesos, Triple $19 Pesos, Private double $44 Pesos, Private double ensuite $175 Pesos (2011). Complete breakfast included in all categories
  • Billy’s Apartments Los Yuchanes 51 – Tres Cerritos, 4400 Salta, Email: / Tel. +54-387-4396845 or cel: +54-9-387-4 494 634 (from Argentina: 0387-4396845 or cel: 0387-154 494 634). Apartments for rent, very comfortable, TV, Internet-ready, Tel line for receiving calls and dialling through Calling Cards. Prices per day as of July 2007, 1 Dorm Apartment (up to 4 pax / apartment): 1 pax: $40, 2 pax:$70, 3 pax:$90, 4 pax:$100, (Pesos always, to have an idea: 1 USD=3 Pesos aprox.). Private bathrooms, kitchen, 24 hs hot water, very private.
  • Hostal Del Centro (closed Jan 2014), Cordoba 83 (Centrally located on Cordoba, three minutes walk from the main plaza.), ☎ (0387)4217426. checkin: 11AM; checkout: 11AM. A great friendly spot run by a British Expat. Offers outsanding value for money with a 24h manned reception, a cosy patio with a barbeque every Friday and clean rooms with shared or private toilets. The hostel is partnered with a tourist agency and so offers very good deals on all expions in and around Salta. Dorm with shared/private bathrooms are priced at $25/$35 Pesos. Doubles with private bathroom are $90 and a triple with private bathroom is $40 Pesos per person. The hostel offers free internet access and open kitchen. Everybody gets free breakfast of coffee and medialunas as well as a towel and soap. There is cable television in all rooms too.
  • New Salta Apartment, Juramento 420, 2nd floor, Apartment F 4400, Salta, ☎ 3868 638 521. checkin: 13:00; checkout: 10:00. Vacation apartment rental available in Salta. This brand new apartment/apartment building is centrally located with beautiful views of Cerro (mountain) San Bernardo is 40m2 (430 sq ft) with a nice size bedroom, fully equipped bathroom, living room, and complete kitchen. Capacity is 4 people, two rooms (one living/kitchen and the other a nice size bedroom) and fully equipped bathroom. $47USD.
    Wilson Hotel- In the center of the city of Salta, 3 blocks from the main square “July 9.” His recent construction was favored in the study and implementation of a modern design with pleasant environment for our guests. The rooms can offer plenty of space and can be made up according to guests requests within minutes, with the comfort and amenities of a hotel of high performance. Wilson Hotel Website This site has reservation system with instant confirmation.

  • Siete Rayos Hostal (7 rayos hostal), San Juan 764, ☎ 0387 – 4329291. We are in the heart of Salta, located a few blocks from the terminal and the main tourist attractions of the city. Visit our website for all the details and photos. We have all the info and the a great vibe. The hostel is run by a very welcoming young local, with lovely local friends visiting for musical jams and cooking. You will feel in touch with Salta here. Bring your friends and contact us if you have any questions! 45 up.
  • Backpacker’s Suites and Bar, Urquiza 1045, ☎ 0054 387 4318944. checkin: 2pm; checkout: 11am. Free taxi from the bus station (Jan 2012)…you have to walk out of the terminal and go west about 50/100m (that’s where we found the guy anyway)…if you get this free taxi (it is) you only have to pay 50 peso’s per night…75 peso’s otherwise I think. Includes dinner (need to sign up early) and breakfast. Good atmosphere with lots of young Argentinian backpackers (in summer) 50.
  • Poncho Huasi, Guemes 760 Cerrillos – Salta, Argentina, ☎ 0387 4999 035. Poncho Huasi is an English-speaking countryside B&B just 15km from Salta city centre. Poncho Huasi is an old colonial house with modern comforts, not least a large swimming pool. Alicia, a local, and her husband Nick, a Brit, can help you organise your holidays and arrange trips throughout the North West of Argentina. Spanish lessons also available. There is free wifi available throughout the entire house and also satellite TV in the dining room. Breakfast is included in the room price. Double en-suite 280 pesos (2012).


  • Altalaluna Boutique Hotel & Spa, Ruta 40 km 4326 – 4141 Tolombon, ☎ (0387) 461 0283. All rooms have air conditioning, bathroom with bathtub, individual heating system, safe box, cable TV, NDD and IDD telephone service. Some of its facilities and services are outdoor pool, spa, gym, bar, restaurant, relaxation room, massage area, bicycles for short rides and Wi-Fi in public areas. Rates start at USD 215.00.
  • Posada del Sol, Alvaredo 646, ☎ ”+54” 387 431 7300 ( Simple and clean ARD 280.
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Try to have dollars with you because the parallel (‘black’) market will give you a far better rate. As an example, in July 2014 the official exchange rate dollar:pesos is averaging about 1:8.5 and the parallel market ranges from 1:10 up to 1:12.5, depending on where you exchange.

To exchange on the parallel market ask at your hotel or go outside the MAM museum on Plaza de Julio and look out for people saying ‘dolares’ or ‘cambio’.

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Salta is the base for many great trips throughout the province. There are plenty tour agencies offering excursions in the region. (REMEMBER: Taxi drivers or nice people from your hotel ARE NOT legally authorized and qualified for the performing of such activities). Especially good are the 4WD trips to the beautiful Valles Calchaquíes, as well as rafting trips to the Río Juramento.

To Bolivia

The Bolivian altiplano is an interesting next stop. 4WD trips that pass through the Salar de Uyuni may be started at the Bolivian towns of Tupiza and Uyuni or the Chilean town of San Pedro de Atacama.

By Bus

A bus can be taken to the border town of La Quiaca, from which the border can be crossed by foot to the Bolivian border town of Villazón, where another bus may be taken to Tupiza, La Paz, etc. Total distance to go by foot is about 1.5 to 2km. Bolivian money may be withdrawn in ATMs in Villazón. See Villazón and La Quiaca.

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Between the peaks, arid and subtropical valleys, Salta is known as “la linda” which is certainly the most colonial city Argentina and most Andean. Discover the mild climate, the warmth of los salteños and the Calchaquí valleys.

Travel and tourism in Salta. How to get in, maps, activities to do, where to eat and sleep. Download the Free Salta Travel Guide.

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