Road trip in South America (Intro)

Lifetime 25.000 km road trip in South America (Intro)

16th September 2015

Lifetime 25.000 km road trip in South America (Intro)

Movie part of a fantastic road trip in South America, from Buenos Aires to Bogota via the Galapagos and Venezuela by Michel Piccaya, travel photographer. Explore the Pan-American Highway and explore 8 countries, over 50 famous travel destinations. One man and a camera on the road.

Road movie on the Pan-American Highway, the world’s longest “motorable road”. The Pan-American Highway passes through many diverse climates and ecological types, from dense jungles, to arid deserts, some of which are passable only during the dry season, and in many regions driving is occasionally hazardous.

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As a freelance travel photographer, Michel Piccaya has been on the road worldwide for more than 20 years, exploring the most incredible itineraries. He’s currently based in Brussels however never stays at home for a long time !

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