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New Delhi Travel Guide

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Pinar Del Rio Travel Guide

Few scenarios in Cuba exhibit such natural beauty as Pinar del Rio, the land of the best tobacco in the world. Pinar del Río is a destination of outstanding interest for those who find direct contact with nature a good reason to travel there.

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Santiago de Cuba Travel Guide

Second largest city of the island, Santiago stands out for its rich history and broad cultural development, especially in music. Considered as the most Caribbean of all Cuban cities, it houses festivals expressing its people’s talent. The Sierra Maestra is a remarkable area in its geography, being the most extensive mountain range in the island.

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Camaguey Travel Guide

Camagüey is the capital of Camagüey Province, it has some beautiful old churches, but is not really a tourist stop. According to legend, the streets of Camaguey twist and turn, intersecting each other at odd angles and making it very easy for visitors to get lost.

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Trinidad Travel Guide

Trinidad, as if stopped in time, welcomes its visitors with the extraordinary beauties of a city-museum located between the sea and the mountains. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Varadero Travel Guide

Varadero is a relatively exclusive part of Cuba, abundant with private hotels, gorgeous beaches and the country’s only full golf course. The fantastic beaches with clear turquoise warm water makes this an island lovers paradise.

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