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A photographer’s nightmare in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

During the time we will spend together, I am going to tell you how a little trip turned into a nightmare in the worst part of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This out of the ordinary story of a photographer did not take place many years ago, but just a few weeks during my last journey in […]

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Black Rock City & the Burning Man Festival 2012 // USA

Black Rock City, Nevada is an ephemeral town that exists for only one week each year, during Burning Man, a radical arts festival. At its maximum occupancy, the town has about 60,000 citizens and a post office, an emergency services crew, a volunteer police department, roads, houses, bars, clubs, restaurants, and hundreds of art installations […]

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Off-road in Eduardo Avaroa & Salar of Uyuni // Bolivia

South of Bolivia, I find out the Salar of Uyuni and the Eduardo Avaroa National Park, marvels created by the nature, their formations took place after the drying of an immense lake that existed some million years ago in the high plateau, with unique salt plains, with more than 10.000 square km and still active […]

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Difunta Correa pilgrimage landmark in San Juan Province // Argentina

Difunta Correa pilgrimage landmark in San juan Province, Northern Argentina. The Deceased Correa (in Spanish La Difunta Correa) is a semi-pagan mythical figure in folk-religion, for which a number of people in Argentina and Chile, especially among the popular classes, feel a great devotion. It has spread, in a limited way, to neighboring countries such […]

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Driving the Ruta 40 – Leoncito National Park & Ischigualasto // Argentina

In the heart of the mountains of Tontal and facing the valley of Calingasta – a true oasis in the desert. Few places in the world can boast a sky with that quality!

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