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Amazing road trips revealed by Michel Piccaya, travel photographer.

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Discover famous road trips worldwide

Explore incredible itineraries and road trips revealed by the travel photographer Michel Piccaya. You can find here great info to prepare your journey and destination: how to get there, maps, activities and where to eat and sleep.

As a freelance travel photographer, Michel Piccaya has been on the road worldwide for more than 20 years, exploring the most remote itineraries. He’s currently based in Brussels however never stays at home for a long time!

Explore 8 countries and over 50 famous travel destinations in South America. A fantastic journey starting in Buenos Aires and ending in Bogota.

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Visa for the Himalayas, Shanghai to Kathmandu. The best way to travel from China to Nepal across Tibet. Download Free travel guides & visit the best spots.

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Road trips & Travel Itineraries including each destinations revealed by Michel Piccaya, travel photographer.
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