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Athens Travel Guide

Athens has been the center of Greek civilization for some 4,000 years. The capital of modern Greece, it’s still dominated by 5th-century-B.C.E. landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings such as the colonnaded Parthenon temple. But it’s also a contemporary city, and it’s not uncommon for the nightlife hubs of Kolonaki, […]

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Angel Falls Travel Guide

Canaima National Park is the gateway to Angel Falls. Although other waterfalls and lagoons can be visited from Canaima camp, the main reason tourists fly here is for the three-day, two-night trips to the base of Angel Falls. It’s listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

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America’s Cup Info Guide

The America’s Cup, a trophy awarded to the winner of the America’s Cup match races between two sailing yachts. One yacht, known as the defender, represents the yacht club that currently holds the America’s Cup and the second yacht, known as the challenger, represents the yacht club that is challenging for the cup. The timing […]

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Amazonas Travel Guide

Think of the Amazon River and visions of wild jungle, exotic animals and native peoples come to mind, sailing on the Amazon River is an incomparable experience. Manaus in the Amazonas state is 1107 KM away from Leticia and the only transportation available are by boat (5 days) or plane.

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Aït Benhaddou Travel Guide

Aït-Benhaddou is a city in Morocco. This is a traditional Mud Brick city on the edge of the High Atlas Mountains. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has featured in many films, mostly as a replacement for Jerusalem. Aït Benhaddou is accessible from Ouarzazate and Marrakesh

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Addo Elephant National Park Travel Guide

The Addo Elephant National Park is in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa and is one of the country’s larger parks. The parks early years, during times of drought the park keepers fed the elephants on oranges from the local orange groves. Gradually the elephants became addicted to the taste of the fruit! This […]

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Best travel destinations revealed by Michel Piccaya, travel photographer.
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